The conference takes place over Friday 30 April and Saturday 1 May 2010 with a Networking Dinner on Friday evening.

Talks from:

Robbie Steinhouse - Think like an entrepreneur
Author of ‘Think like an entrepreneur’ and Director of NLP School Europe

How different are Entrepreneurs?  Robbie will explain the ways in which the entrepreneurial mindset is truly distinct.  Entrepreneurs have a very specific attitude to things like risk, luck, convention and decision-making.  They have the ability to master four sets of skills (most people manage one or two).  They keep themselves psychologically healthy, keeping their minds free of negative, limiting beliefs, while looking after the physical and spiritual side of things as well. This may sound like a tall order, but Robbie will explain, using material from NLP and Transactional Analysis, how anyone can go about acquiring these skills.

Robbie Steinhouse - NLP workshop
(pre-book, spaces limited to 50)
The workshop will follow on from the talk.  Delegates will both see and practice some of the NLP techniques needed to clear the mind of limiting beliefs and achieve a balance between the physical, cognitive and spiritual aspects of the mind – all prerequisites of ‘Thinking like an entrepreneur’.

Margaret Manning - Business planning for entrepreneurs
CEO of Reading Room and Female Entrepreneur of the Year winner at the 2008 Fast Growth Business Awards in 2008

Running a business is often more about instinct and spontaneity than about what you can learn in a classroom.  Business planning is a great example of where theory and practicality often collide.

This talk goes through the key points you should consider when setting up a business. These are keys to success that Margaret Manning has developed during her ten years of running a fast growing business.

Margaret will be illustrating these points using her own ‘war stories’, both of success and sometimes of failure.

Chris West - The ten commandments of small business marketing
Entrepreneur and author, collaborated on the series of Beermat books as well as the ‘Think like an entrepreneur’ book

This interactive talk takes the listener through the basic concepts and marketing tools needed by entrepreneurs. While covering commonly accepted ‘basic’ wisdom, Chris presents his own personal slant on these topics, based on his experiences as a successful author, as a small-business owner and as an employee of a marcomms agency.  What is ‘the marketing mindset’ that all good marketers (and all good entrepreneurs) have?  Is branding really that important?  If not, what matters more?  Is it a good thing to be a nerd?  Audiences will find out the answers to these, and many other, questions.

Amanda Vickers - Personal impact for entrepreneurs
Manager of Speak First

When starting out any new business venture even an experianced entrepreneur needs an edge. In today's competitive market, no company can survive on technical ability alone because people buy people. When you make the right impact it attracts people to you and empowers you to get things done and make things happen. In this session, discover how to make a positive impact in any business situation. Leave with loads of tips, techniques and strategies you can apply straight away to improve yor success in any area of your business.

Mike Southon - Sales on a Beermat (Sales for Non-Salespeople)
Co-author of several Beermat books, visiting fellow in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London South Bank University and a leading entrepreneur mentor

We would all like to increase the revenue of our companies, but not all of us are experienced salespeople.

Mike's presentation explains the simple steps any company can take to double their sales immediately without spending money on expensive marketing campaigns. It also shows how everyone, especially non-salespeople can be involved in the sales process without feeling uncomfortable.

Sales on a Beermat is packed with practical tips and real life examples from Mike's many years as a highly successful salesman, all delivered with energy, style and humour.

Martin Pollecoff - Luck and the Hero's Journey
A UKCP registered psychotherapist and an entrepreneur

When we talk about 'luck and entrepreneurism' we make a mental shift from the certainties of business planning, market-share, stock control or taxation to one in which we are playthings in the hands of Gods. In mythology the 'Hero' is the one who defies the Gods and carves a fresh path for him or herself and for society as a whole. This session is based on the work of Joseph Campbell, a mythologist who compared stories of heroes and found that they all spoke of an inner journey in which the Hero met his or her challenge and overcame both inability and fear to bring an enterprise to success. From this session you will gain a map of inner-change that allows you to gauge where you are and it will help you build confidence for the next step.

This programme is subject to change without notice.